WTS: 7.62x54R Ammunition (Lots! including Hollow Core), M14 mags

over 4 years ago
WTS: 7.62x54R Ammunition (Lots! including Hollow Core), M14 mags
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Black Hills

Two 440rd cans of Hungarian (?) LPS Light Ball in lacquered steel cases. First "I take it" gets the opener. $75 per can.
One 800 rd case of Czech light ball. $140
Two full 300rd cases and one partial case (~220) of Bulgarian Heavy ball. $50 per 300 can. $37 for the partial can. Stripper clip included.
And the coup de gras one full case (912 rds) of Czech 46 grain gallery ammo. This hasn't been available for a few years now. Kind of wish I had tried some of it, but I no longer have anything chambered in 7.62x54R. $250
Also for sale is a batch of six twenty round and two thirty round magazines. I've never tested these mags. Going by the very small series of spotwelds on the front spine these are most likely Chinese manufacture. Because of that I'm only asking $50 for all eight magazines.
All prices are plus UPS shipping to your location. The mags are restricted to states where they can be owned legally.