WTS Tokarev SVT Mag ,gas cylinder, Bayonets,Gras & K98

over 5 years ago
WTS Tokarev SVT Mag ,gas cylinder, Bayonets,Gras & K98
Ivan Ivanovich
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Tokarev SVT 40 magazine. Looks like an early repo. Bubba decided to "fix" it by grinding down front edge. It needs a bead of weld or even braze then file to fit contour. Easy fix for someone with a TIG or a gas set up.No time or desire to fix myself. $50 shippedv SPF
SVT gas tube and cup. good condition,end of gas tube is good,not all pitted. $22 shipped SPF
Both SVT mag and gas tube/cup $62 shipped SPF
French Gras bayonet. Good condition,impressive looking pig sticker $75 shipped
German Mauser K98 bayonet,44 date. Missing one screw,some one named RINARD decided to scratch name on the blade.
Lock works fine $70 shipped
Type 38 Arisaka 6.5mm floorplate,spring and follower $30 shipped. SPF !
Postal Money order,personal check OK after clear.
Please post "i'll take it" followed by a PM.Thanks for looking.