AAC SPR/M4 for other 5.56 can

about 3 years ago
AAC SPR/M4 for other 5.56 can
Great Western
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M4 Carbine
Western Washington

My can is big and heavy. I want to trade it for something smaller and lighter. I know someone out there wants this can for the low low price of another can. I am not really interested in a full sized can, but want something along the lines of a Saker K, Mini4, or some other lightweight can.
The can probably only has 700-1000 rounds through it. It is built on the indestructible side so it has plenty of life left. There are some small cosmetic scratches on the outside of the can, but do not effect function at all. Latch is almost brand new, sent back to AAC for a replacement latch and then maybe shot 50 rounds through it since.
Location: Western Washington
Suppressor: SPR/M4
Mount: 1/2x28 MITER mount included
Pouch: AAC Multicam pouch included
Box: Nope
Tax Stamp: You pay yours, I pay mine.
Shipping: Nope. Must be in Washington for trade