WTS 2 Rifles

about 6 years ago
WTS 2 Rifles
Great Western
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Beautiful Pacific Northwest

I have for sale a BNZ 43 Russian capture. Bore is very clean with high lands and deep grooves. Very shiny. I got this rifle many years ago at Great Western gunshow in Pomona, CA. I was just getting into milsurp rifles. This rifle has some interesting features. The reason I got this rifle was it's a K98 with nice markings. I was not well versed on the bubba or the fake marks at the time, so I bought it just because it was a nice rifle. I have shot maybe 300 rounds from it, and it's very accurate. It's one of my best shooters. I added a repro cleaning rod, and front sight hood. The mag plate is a byf and the trigger guard is a qnw. Bolt release is marked with 99. $450.00 firm. Yugo sling not included.
Second rifle is a nice Yugoslav M-24. Everything matches but the bolt which is off by a few numbers. $350.00 firm.
I'm posting these rifles here, if they don't sell they're going you know where for auction. Thanks people.
Prices include shipping.8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg13.jpg14.jpg15.jpg16.jpg