9mm lead bullets 125 gr .356 500 count

over 3 years ago

					9mm lead bullets 125 gr .356 500 count
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Edit:these are .3565 per my mics.
One 500 count box of .356 sized 124 grain lead RN bullets from Vance bullets. I got these in a purchase from an ingo member a while back. It looks like vance no longer makes bullets (not on their website anyway) so no link to info.
Neither of my 9's like these projectiles at all, so they have to go. There is actually probably more like 525 or so in the box. I opened it and added in the last of the previous box to get it off the shelf. You only pay for 500.
$30 cash obo-same price as Indiana bullet company
I also have another 300ish rounds made up I would sell as components only. Load data will come with, but I would pull 'em since they didn't shoot worth a crap for me. Mixed brass, S&B primers. With that said, I'm new to reloading so it very well and probably is my fault, not the bullets.
$20 cash.
Noblesville, near Hamilton town center