WTS C&R Harrington & Richardson "Self-Loading Caliber .25" Pistol - Stockton, CA

almost 6 years ago
WTS C&R Harrington & Richardson "Self-Loading Caliber .25" Pistol - Stockton, CA
Harrington & Richardson
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(city or county): Stockton, CA (San Joaquin County)

Harrington & RichardsonModel:
"Self-Loading Caliber .25" (semi-auto) Pocket PistolCaliber:
.25Location (city or county):
Stockton, CA (San Joaquin County)Price:
$115Will ship (Y/N):
NO -- shipping is a minimum of $50+ & not worth it given price of gun.Other info:
This Curio & Relic/C&R gun is was manufactured from 1912 - 1916 by Harrington & Richardson (USA) and is one of about 16,000 ever produced.
The gun model is the "Self-Loading Caliber .25" and is best described as a pocket pistol.
This gun easily fits in the palm of my hand with overall dimensions of 4-1/2" (length) X 3" (height).
I inherited this (from great uncle) and would like to sell it to an interested collector.
This gun has NO clip/magazine, which has been missing ever since I became aware of this gun's existence 35+ year's ago.
I disassembled and cleaned this gun, and it appears to be in good functional condition with working slide, trigger, and safety.
Grips are in excellent condition with the exception of a small hairline crack at top of left grip.
Exterior finish is not perfect with some light pitting and condition issues over approximately 50% of the exterior surface.
Outside edge of barrel has a small dent (see photo) probably from being dropped that should not impact this pistol's functioning.
Overall condition is FAIR.
Looking to sell to somebody within reasonable (50 miles or less) driving distance of Stockton, CA (San Joaquin County) so that a face-to-face transfer via FFL can be done.
Price of pistol makes cost of shipping prohibitive/impractical.
SOLD AS IS with condition issues, no box or papers, and missing the magazine.
Price = $115.
Thanks for viewing my listing.
Photo: http://i1062.photobucket.com/albums/...a/d3cefbf7.jpg
More photos can be viewed here: http://s1062.photobucket.com/albums/t489/redskyusa/