3 (now 2) Semi-auto rifles in MA

over 1 year ago
Heckler & Koch
Available on
Northeast Shooters
near Worcester, MA

For sale in MA. All were bought by me on eFA10 years prior to Maura's July 2016 edict.
CONVERTED SAIGA .308 semi-auto rifle. Made by Izhmash. No, not 7.62x39. This is 7.62x51 NATO/.308 WIN. This is already nicely converted with a pistol grip, trigger moved forward, a muzzle brake and new stock. It's awesome. Minty chrome-lined bore. Suprisingly accurate and legendary AK reliability. Two Izhmash factory mags.
$1100 on eFA10
FA91 (Clone of HK91) .308/7.62x51 NATO. This one is not going to win the beauty contest, but it'll get the job done. Textured no-slip finish. Muzzle brake. With the beefy delayed roller-lock bolt and the muzzle brake, it's tames the .308's recoil nicely. Comes with extra handguard and two 20-round HK mags. Additional mags available. SOLD
AR-15 A3. Code Red lower. 20" DTI 5.56 NATO-marked barrel 1:7 twist with stabby-stab muzzle brake. Ears on the bayo lug are milled off and re-blued for MA compliance. Comes with removable carry handle and a 30-round preban mag.
$1200 -> now $1150 eFA10.
All prices OBRO (don't bother with the lowball, they can always go back in the safe)
FTF in Metro West (Worcester/Marlborough/Stow area). eFA10 on my laptop for the AR15 and AK, the FA91 is at a FFL. You must have appropriate MA license. Cash, USPS MO, or Paypal/CC +3.5%
All laws will be followed.
Statement of Legal compliance:
I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be shipped, you must provide me with a signed copy of your dealer's FFL (or your 03FFL if this is a Curio and Relic). For private party face-to-face transactions (only permitted by Fed law when both buyer and seller live in same state), I will meet all applicable state and federal laws.
When ammunition, magazines or other regulated items are sold/bought or traded as part of this transaction, I agree to follow all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to these items.