Cohaire MP5, Costa Mesa, No Shipping

9 months ago
Heckler & Koch
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Costa Mesa

CA94 / MP5
Costa Mesa
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Off Roster PPT only unless out of state.
Includes Folding Stock (Pinned) and Original Stock / Low Profile Scope / Optic Rail / Surefire Lighted Forearm with LED Upgrade / Solar Tactical Kydex Slip On Grip
Here it is. The MP5. Loved, hated, feared, coveted. It's truly an iconic weapon and few ever have the opportunity to shoot one let alone own one.
This example is a Cohaire. I brought this home about 6 years ago. It suffered from sporadic malfunctions, which was common at the time. But one I got the rollers in spec and changed out the bolt assembly with a RTG replacement it now runs like it should.
Shooting this rifle is a joy like no other. VERY accurate and little to no kick. With less than 500 rounds through it, it's not even broken in.
I'm including a oem HK Mag riveted to 10 rounds, a original Cohaire / Special Weapons case and both the original stock and the folding stock that's pinned open.
On to the photos.
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