Henry Golden Boy 22LR Trade ideas added..

over 5 years ago
 Henry Golden Boy 22LR Trade ideas added..
Henry Repeating Arms
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Northwest Firearms

Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy 22LR lever action. Beautiful rifle with brass receiver, brass butt plate, 20" octagon barrel. Original box. 16 rounds down the pipe. It's too pretty for my crowded safe.
Lifetime warranty from Henrys.
$375 or possible trades.
Trade want list...which is by no means complete! You could have something I desperately need that I don't even know I need yet. Try me out.
Trades plus or minus cash as appropriate...
Standard Henry lever action
Ar-7 survival rifle
22LR trainers
CZ bolt rifle in 22LR
Ruger revolver, prefer 44
8K Warn winch
no SKS's, Shotguns, Black Powder, or old military stuff.
FTF in the Roseburg area.
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