WTS: ar-15 lower , m1 garand, handi-rifle 30-30, henry, FN TPS, FN SPR

over 5 years ago
WTS: ar-15 lower , m1 garand, handi-rifle 30-30, henry, FN TPS, FN SPR
Henry Repeating Arms
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[b]Make: smith and wesson
[b]Model: pre model 10 (m&p), pre victory
[b]Caliber: .38 spl
[b]Price: SOLD
[b]Will ship (Y/N): no not on roster
[b]Other info:
38 smith and wesson (m&p) before they came out with model 10 and before the victory series, they had this little guy C6XXXX k frame fixed sight revolver, 38 spl manufatured in the 40's 5 screw model with diamond grips. has quite a bit of finish wear here and there. Barrel was cut down to 3 and was used as a police duty pistol in the 50's. its pretty cool and comes with a little leather holster for a boot or a belt and another black one for your side. shoots great and very reliable. i was advised not to shoot +p ammo out of this for safety reasons. others say its fine, others disagree, i never did want to test that, i have shot a few hundred rounds out of it myself regular 38 lead round nose rounds. solid performer and easy to clean.
[b]Make: new england firearms
[b]Model: handi-rifle
[b]Caliber: 30-30
[b]Price: SPF
[b]Will ship (Y/N): yes
[b]Other info:
single shot 30-30 break action rifle. comes with sling mounts and has minor cosmetic wear.
[b]Make: henry repeating arms
[b]Model: big boy
[b]Caliber: .44 magnum
[b]Price: SPF
[b]Will ship (Y/N): yes
[b]Other info:
rifle is like new in box took it out to the range fired 50 rounds and decided i want to got with a bit more power.
[b]Make: Spikes Tactical
[b]Model: AR-15
[b]Caliber: multi
[b]Price: 350
[b]Will ship (Y/N): Y
[b]Other info:
Ar-15 Lower
spikes tactical jolly roger lower, magpul fde color grip, dpms lower parts kit, stag ambi safety, magpul bad lever, 2 magpul 10/20 pmags, original mag release, and solar tatical grip for (featureless). rear stock is a 6 position adjustable in fde color that has been altered to fixed for (featureless) and can be moved with use of a tool.
asking 350
[b]Make: CAI
[b]Model: M1 GARAND
[b]Caliber: .30-06 sprg
[b]Price: 1400
[b]Will ship (Y/N): Y
[b]Other info: NOT C&R ELIGIBLE
M1 Garand
m1 garand -
new receiver made by CAI with navy anchor logo, brand new finished cmp stock issue 2007 (200) , scout scope mount (165) , and leupold fx-II scout scope 2.5 power (325) , new reproduction bayonet, bunch of enblocs and bandoleers and ammo ~ 200 rounds of ammo, and 500 rounds of tumbled brass for your loading adventures.
asking 1400 for scout setup with ammo
asking 1000 for garand only with ammo
asking 900 for garand only no ammo
[b]Make: FN
[b]Model: TPS
[b]Caliber: 12GA 2 3/4" & 3" MAGNUM
[b]Price: 600
[b]Will ship (Y/N): Y
[b]Other info:
FN tactical police shotgun. ported 18" barrel, front and rear ar sights, top rail, 7 round tube extended magazine, magpul ctr stock, 6 position buffer tube and noveske single point sling attachment point behind receiver. side saddle to hold six extra rounds also includes 3 position rail for mag tube to mount flashlights and lasers.
[b]Make: FN
[b]Model: SPR
[b]Caliber: .308 WIN
[b]Price: 1100
[b]Will ship (Y/N): Y
[b]Other info:
FN Special Police Rifle with mcmillian A3 stock, 20 inch heavy bull barrel threaded with JP tactical recoil eliminator. picatinny rail and leupold low profile quick detach rings and leupold rifleman 3-9 power scope and harris 6-9 ultralight bipod series.
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