Desert Tech SRS A1 (Newest Version)

over 1 year ago
FS: Desert Tech SRS A1 (Newest Version)
Herbert Schmidt
Available on
Cal Guns
= Torrance/ Redondo Beach

I found something that I want to replace this SRS A1 so this SRS has to go.
Desert Tech SRS A1, black on black.
Caliber : 6.5x47 Lapua
Barrel: 26'' Factory Desert Tech barrel, threaded.
Has monopod. This is the newest version with the bolt handle straight instead of curvy.
Rounds count = 90 rounds. Still have the Lapua brass and will include.
Glass: Schmidt & Bender Ultra Short 5-20x50. DT, CCW, Turret lock. P4 Fine reticle, Illuminate. Also have that fancy Tennebex cap/cover.
Mount: Eratac 20 MOA 1 piece mount made for Ultra Short model.
Bipod: Atlas bipod.
Rifle has 1 5 rounds mag and also have a 10 rounds mag.
Seeking Torque wrench
Will include additional 100 round of 6.5x47 Lapua ammo.
Basic cost Rifle ($4600) + S&B Ultra short in Pantone ($4400)+ Era tech mount ($310)+Atlas bipod with American Defense mount ($250)+ Ammo and brass ($300) = total is over $10,000 after tax.
Location = Torrance/ Redondo Beach
Price =$8,500 for the entire package. saving close to $2K here
(some items like bipod and stuffs are not on the pics but will take more pic once i'm back in town next week)