Schmidt & Bender 1.1-4x20 Short Dot Locking turrets

over 1 year ago
Schmidt & Bender 1.1-4x20 Short Dot Locking turrets
Herbert Schmidt
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Northwest Firearms

I have a very nice S&B PMII Short Dot 1.1-4x. This has the locking turrets. It comes with both turrets. M118LR and M855. The M118LR is installed. It just went back to S&B for a full rebuild and cleaning and service. This is illuminated for use as a red dot. Comes with box. Turret cap on top is buggered up from original owner but it doesn't affect function. Just looks bubblegumty.
It is in a Larue SPR mount. I'd rather not separate.
$1900 (these are new at $2800+)
See feedback for confidence.
Trades include KAC rifles, uppers, lowers etc. Possibly a HK45 tactical.
Other optics plus cash strongly considered. T1/2, MRO, Vortex razor 1-6 etc.