WTS: S&B Zenith 1.5-6x 42mm Flashdot 7

over 1 year ago
Herbert Schmidt
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Long Range Hunting

I want to preface this with an open admission. This thread is my 2nd post on the site, after my intro. I've been a member for over 10 years, but haven't posted.
Hey, I've been a moderator over at Sniper Central for pushing 10 years. I know what it looks like!
But I'm being honest here, I need a wider audience because this is not an optic many target or ELR shooters want much to do with.
If the lack of tenure here is a deal breaker, I understand. If you want to know mroe about me, read my intro nearby, or ask me!
As the title states, I have for sale a Schmidt & Bender 1.5x-6x 42mm Zenith Posicon Riflescope. It has the Flashdot 7 reticle.
If you are not familiar, here's the link:
Schmidt & Bender - Riflescopes - Hunting - 1.5-6x42 Zenith
This scope is in 100% operating condition, and has been with me on numerous successful trips in the deer woods. The reviews you've seen are completely true with regards to it's brightness...not that we are allowed to in the states, but I can understand how they'd hunt with these after dark in Germany. The dot reticle is the best I have seen by far, and would be fine for NVD use as well as being very daylight visible.
I am asking $1,200 shipped to your door in the US. That's 50%.
The previous owner of this scope placed the scope in rings that were not tightened down, and followed that with enough shooting of ABC autoloading rifle to put a significant scratch under the main tube. It's pretty awful looking, to be honest. He/she also dinged the windage turret cover. Not awesome, but neither one affect function.
The bottom scratches are hidden by the rings, and I guarantee the scope's operation is not affected.
Photos (note that there is snow falling in the photos, but light was great)
On a Remington 700 SA, VLS Stock, Varmint Contour Barrel:
1.5X, looking to 250-300 yards
6X, Dot in daylight, Setting 11 of 11.
Here's the rub. Note that I SPECIFICALLY left the lint bits, little bit of oil I always put on my epoxy-bedded rings, etc. ON the tube after removing from the rifle. I wanted you to see it as it is, which incidentally, is not nearly as bad as I remembered it. There are not rings marks from my rings...they're epoxy-bedded Talley 1-piece.
I put a caliper across the front scratch. It measures 1.178", where the rest of the tube measures 1.179". Pretty darn shallow. The rear scratch doesn't show on a Mitutoyo caliper.
Thanks for looking, just shoot me a PM with any questions, or email at natdscott (at) yahoo (dot) com,