Norma/IMR/Hodgdon Powders For Sale/Trade

over 1 year ago
Norma/IMR/Hodgdon Powders For Sale/Trade
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Northwest Firearms

I am trying to consolidate my powders so I am selling these bottles. Some of these powders are in older metal cans and have some oxidation on the top of the cans. I have separated the older cans from the newer cans below if the oxidation scares you at all. The powder is still good. I have used quite a bit myself
Newer Cans
5 cans of IMR 4198 (3 unopened/ 2 opened (but full).
1 can of CFE pistol.
2 cans of IMR 4227.
Older Cans
6 cans of Norma 205.
6 cans of Norma Magnum Rifle Powder.
1 can Pyrodex.
1 can IMR 7828.
1 can Reloader 7 (Hercules)
1 can H205
1 can W 630
$25 a can or trades (listed below)
I would also be interested in trades for H335, Clays, H110, H4831SC, Unique, Small Rifle Primers, Small Pistol Primers, Large Pistol Primers, Large Rifle Primers (CCI or S&B only), 30-06 reloading dies.