Classic Herters reloading setup.

over 1 year ago
Classic Herters reloading setup.
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Northwest Firearms

For anyone who collects older reloading equipment, this is for you!! Press with priming equipment and extra priming arm, scale, powder measure, trimmer, powder trickler, funnel, primer tray, and dies. ALL Herters brand, even the funnel and primer tray. Don't know how old but pretty old. Includes 9 proprietary shell holders plus an adapter to use standard shell holders, three collets and pilots for trimmer, three adapters for powder measure, .30-06 and .25-06 die sets. Everything appears to be functional. The press has to be the heaviest duty C-style press I have ever seen. Cool as a collectible or completely usable for reloading. $125, Always open to offers or trades.