TriStar T120 w/ case and 3 mags

over 3 years ago
TriStar T120 w/ case and 3 mags
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<dd>Southern Indiana</dd>

Hey guys, I have a TriStar T120 that I'm looking to trade. Its a 9mm and is a clone of the CZ 75b made by the Turkish company Canik. If you look these up, they are a good clone and will even take CZ mags and grips. Does have some small blemishes, with the worst of them being at friction points of the slide and frame. They are hidden by the slide unless it is locked back. You can see them in the pictures. Comes with 3 mags and the case it came with.
Trade options: Im really only looking to trade it. Don't need the cash, just enjoy owning and shooting different guns, and if I'm going to get rid of one I can't leave that spot in the safe empty . Really open to most guns and only guns.
Rifles- no 22'sShotgun- no single shots, 12 gauge only. Handguns- nothing under a 38 special/9mm, no hi-points, jennings, stuff like that.
PM me with all questions and offers! My inbox is empty and I check it regularly.
Location: Washington, IN. I routinely drive up to 2 hours every direction from here so don't be afraid to make me an offer if you are a little driving distance away from me. Chances are I will be around you at some point in time.