WTS: Accurate Ordnance .308 MUST SELL

about 1 year ago
High Sierra
Available on
Long Range Hunting
East Texas

The pic below has all the rifle specs...the rifle pics show it with an Atlas Bipod which is NOT part of the sale, it just made taking pics easier. I paid 4400.00 9mo ago for the rifle in a jam for a hunt, with two other guns being built, I had nothing for an Aoudad hunt. However, I have a second custom 0.308 and this one must go to help fund my next project. It has about 100rds through it. I am selling it at $3,800.00 firm, that's a 600.00 discount for a gun that is basically new!
Email mfloski@sbcglobal.net
phone 903-984-4300
first target pic below is a four shot group at 100yrds....second is a three shot group at 450yrd ~ 1.6" using off the shelf 168gr Federal Matchking BTHP! I also have about 75 pcs of custom hand loaded 168gr Sierra BTHP that shot equally as impressive that I will include (basically it is the exact same recipe as the factory Federal Matchking Ammo). The gun has a QD mount for the AAC SDN suppressor.....but I also have the threaded muzzle protector that came with it. Let me know if you have any questions.