PSL rifle, Oakdale CA $1650

about 1 year ago
Iberia Firearms
sean michael
Available on
Cal Guns

Romanian PSL, Atlantic kit build
7.2 x54r
Oakdale, near modesto
Will ship to your FFL if you're willing to pay
This is the last PSL Atlantic Firearms ever sold. I found it at 1 am in the morning. Someone must have canceled their order. Nodak Spud receiver, I've had this rifle for more than five years. I take it out to BLM once a year and put about 60 rounds through it a year. It runs smooth. Never had any problems with it. It'll come with two 10 round mags and I'll include a correct Romanian scope for $180. The scope is pretty much dialed in to this rifle. I'm not a perfectionist or a sniper but this puppy hits what I aim it at out to 250m. It's got some safe dings and some wear at the barrel when I used a plastic tripod on it. I wouldn't sell this rifle if I didn't have two more factory stock pristine ones. I'm only selling because of my habit. Can't afford it all without selling something and my safes are crammed full. I'll send it to your FFL at your expense or would prefer a local transfer near Modesto. I will not drive more than an hour to meet you. I'll ship it featureless with the pistol grip removed and just to be extra sure, I'm going to remove the muzzle brake too. Please make sure your FFL is cool with the transfer.