ARES SCR San Luis Obispo

6 months ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Central Coast

San Luis Obispo
Not interested in trades
Not at this time
I bought this less than a year ago am I'm just not shooting it. I have about 50rounds though it.
Everything still like new.
2nd gen gun, 16 inch, Q-mod fore-end, great trigger, bolt hold-open.
Sporter stock, CZ Skorpion sights (the good ones) with adjustment tool, Selous Weapons Systems muzzle nut, BCM front QD sling mount, Noveske rear flush QD, SIG sling, 5 10-round P-mags, original steel 5-round mag, Snap-On Allen tool for sights, FDE gun sock, chamber flag,Bulldog Hybrid case that fits it perfect.
Will come with 980 rounds of XM-193, 480 of it on strippers, in boxes, in bandoliers, the rest is on strippers, boxed and in an ammo can.
I have some extra bandoliers, stripper clips and boxes I will include if I can find them
Most of the ammo is Federal, a few hundred is IMI.
I know this isn't cheap but they're not easy to find, and it cost me a lot more than I'm asking.
These are featureless, shoot and handle wonderfully, no goofy grip nonsense and you get to push a button to release the mag.
Get one while you can. Thanks

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