WTS-Group Industries Facory 9mm Uzi Carbine $1480 Simi Valley-No shipping

over 1 year ago
WTS-Group Industries Facory 9mm Uzi Carbine $1480 Simi Valley-No shipping
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Cal Guns
-Simi Valley

Group Industries Factory built Semi
Model- HR4332S
Caliber- 9mm
Location-Simi Valley
No Shipping
18" barrel
NOT a homebuilt parts-kit gun!
Not a hit-or-miss-quality Vector build.
I have a one-owner factory built
Group Industries Semi auto Uzi carbine for sale.
If you look into the history of Group Industries- you will see that there were under 100 Semi's ever made by them-so you won't find many of these for sale.
Build quality rivals IMI.
Off list,and per California regs- stock fixed (requires tools to change status- as would a pinned ar stock)and a grip wrap to make it featureless.
Overall length 33"
This Carbine was sold with an 18" barrel to meet Cali and Michigan law-as those 2 states measure oal with stock collapsed.
This carbine is a one owner gun,with only about 5 range trips under it's belt.
So a round count only in the hundreds.
Quite a bit of couch-fondling time though-I ain't gonna lie..
I bought it new in Cali at a gun store in early-mid 90"s-before Vector even existed.
In 1999 -I opted to move it out of state instead of making it a RAW-so it's just been sitting in storage.
Well..got tired of my kid bugging me to make it compliant and bring it back so I picked up a very nice matching OD colored grip wrap(thanks Munkeeboi!)fixed the stock and brought it back to the PROK.
Picked up one of those 100 round Win white box 9mm from Wallyworld and
hit the range with it last week.
Functions flawlessly as usual and surprisingly accurate for a 9mm carbine.
At first the grip wrap did feel awkward-but once you start shooting you forget it's there.
Of course if you don't like the grip wrap-you can register the gun as a RAW next year..
Comes with one Group industries factory 10/25 magazine.
Selling to fund goodies to buy before the end of the year.
I'm super anal about saving original boxes /manuals/etc.-but the wife got to some of my boxes and one of them was for this gun-so what you see in the pics is what you get.
PM Mike
if interested