Seekins SP 10 16" (308win) PRS and JP Silent $2,750

over 1 year ago
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Long Range Hunting

For Sale: My compact, long range, turn-key Seekins SP10. Round Count is south of 250. Shoots Fed GMM's really well. 168's with some 4064 behind it shoot even better. Load data comes with rifle. I can put a bartlein barrel on for a price. (260 Imp's a long story!)
Specs below:
Seekins SP10 308win
Barrel: 16"
Hand Guard: SP3R free float handguard 15"
Muzzle Brake: 4 port
Stock: MagPul PRS
Buffer system: JP Silent Capture Spring
Gas System: Mid-Length (Adjusted for 168gr FedGMM)
Bipod: Picatinny
Optional Scope: Vortex PST 4-16-50 SFP MRAD $600
Nightforce Ultra-lite rings $160
Nightforce anti-cant: $75
BCM Light Mount :
Text or Call Boone @ (912) dash two 3 zero dash 414 Seven