American Precision Arms 6.5x47 Lapua For Sale

over 1 year ago
American Precision Arms 6.5x47 Lapua For Sale
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Stopped into Shilen Rifles one day recently and picked up one of their DGR actions on a whim, so going that direction now.
So, this one, good as it is, has to go.
I had started load development
and it shows much promise.
I think it will do even better.
Groups are shown below.
$1995 shipped to your FFL.
American Precision Arms
-- all work performed by APA and barrel is so marked.
Caliber: 6.5x47mm Lapua
# Round count: Approximately 800
Action: Trued Rem. 700 very, very smooth action, Serial # series G66347xx
Bolt/Bolt Handle : Bolt handle is threaded, with Black Badger Ordnance handle.
Trigger: Tuned Old style rem 700
Barrel Make: Broughton Contour 7.2 Light Varmint
Barrel Twist: 1:8"
Barrel Length: 26"
Muzzle threaded and has Yankee Hill Machine Flash Hider /suppressor mount
Stock: OD Manners T3, Bedded
DBM: Bedded Badger M5
Nightforce 20 MOA rail
5 round AI magazine.
Barreled action is Cerakoted Black.
Stock has combo front rail w/sling swivel eye.
Was just getting started in load development but it was showing much promise: