Bnib C39V2 ak47 MOE

over 2 years ago
Bnib C39V2 ak47 MOE
Intercontinental Arms
Available on
Cal Guns
South Bay Area

Brand new, as in has not been shot outside factory.
Aftermarket Parts:
ALG AKT trigger installed.
Midwest Industries mini mount installed (mount has rear sight).
ALG recoil spring.
Standard Parts
Wolf Springs (hammer & recoil)
Century c39v2 is the new golden standard for AKs. Milled from a brick of ordinance grade steel. Green mountain barrel. One 10/30 pmag. Magpul MOE furniter in stealth grey or sniper grey.
Wanted to have this as my go to gun but I need the cash and this one hasnt been shot so..
Price is $1100. Located in South Bay AreaMilpitas
Primary Arms advanced red dot NOT included for this price. Im already leaving the trigger and mount for free. 4083809634