Noveske AR, San Diego, Yes

about 2 years ago
Noveske AR, San Diego, Yes
Intercontinental Arms
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Cal Guns
San Diego

Make: Noveske
Model: N4 Gen 2 Chainsaw Lower
Caliber: .223/5.56
Location: San Diego
Price: $2500
Will ship (Y/N): Yes, on buyers dime.
Interested in trades (and partial trades) for the following
Glock 17,19,34
AK parts kits -numbers marching please
Selling an AR15 build comprised of a complete Noveske Upper (with a headspaced bolt), and a custom lower built on a Noveske Gen 2 Chainsaw.
I bought the rifle used, with less than 200 rounds through it, and I've added another 300 to the total round count.
Comments on the rifle:
It's extremely light shooting. Charging the bolt/buffer combo is unbelievably smooth, the smoothest I've ever shot. I seriously considered adding the JP silent capture buffer but figured it would make virtually no difference. It's also super accurate as you'd expect. When I bought it I had hoped to test it's limits, but haven't been able to find a range larger than 250 yards and so haven't attempted hand loads for it. I think this rifle would do well in 3-gun, though I wouldn't know from experience.
This rifle was meticulously cleaned after every range session. And while I often brought this rifle out to the range, I rarely ended up actually shooting it because my 14.5" AR seemed more appropriate for the less than 100 yards that are available to me.
The upper receiver, NSR and lower receiver were cerakoted DART Gray, and the barrel and BCM compensator were cerakoted Armor Black. (All cerakote work performed by Joint Force Enterprises)
Description/parts are below:
Vltor Noveske MUR Upper Receiver
Noveske BCG
Noveske 18 inch Stainless SPR Barrel (1:7 Twist) (Intermediate Gas System)
Noveske 15 inch NSR Rail
BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle
BCM Compensator
Noveske Gen 2 Chainsaw Lower
Geissele Super Dynamic Combat Flat Trigger Bow (New)
Battle Arms BADASS-ST Short Throw Ambi Safety Selector (New)
Magpul UBR Stock
Magpul MIAD Grip
KNS Precision Non-Rotating Pin Set (New)
Raddlock Bullet Button
Total cost of build, parts and cerakote is upwards of 3K.
***Scope NOT included***