[WTS] Custom 20" Heavy Barrel PSL, Concord, Ca.

almost 2 years ago
[WTS] Custom 20" Heavy Barrel PSL, Concord, Ca.
Intercontinental Arms
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Cal Guns
SF Bay Area, Ca

Make: Romanian PSL
Model: NoDak Spud Square-back
Caliber: 7.62x54R
Location (city or county):Concord, Ca. Nor-Cal/CoCo County
Price: $2000
Will ship (Y/N): Not at this time
Other info:
This is a PSL I built a few years back and shot a little over 1000 rounds. Its a blast to shoot and at the range people are always curious on what type of rifle it is. Once I let the rifle sit for about two months without cleaning. Some surface rust developed on the gas tube/receiver and the barrel got tad darker. So I stripped the whole rifle down, sandblasted and applied HK gloss black duracoat. Gave the barrel a light scrubbing and re-crowned the end. Sadly the bore isnt as bright as it once was, but its still nice.
The rifle will punch out the black at 100 yards. With brass case ammo and a better shooter, Im sure the groups could be tighter at 100 yards. Its not some incredibly accurate death ray PSL, none of them are. But, it does well and is fun to shoot. Also due to the heavier and shorter barrel the groupings dont whip like the 26" standard light weight barrels once the barrel gets hot.
Excuse the dirty pics, I had just gotten back from the range. DROS/PPT is on the buyer. Any questions feel free to PM me. I have additional spam cans of ammo available to the buyer at a discounted price.
Rifle includes:
PSL Numbers Matching Kit, Includes Original Gas Tube & FCG
NoDak Square-Back Receiver
Red Star Arms Adjustable Trigger
Second Gen Solar Tactical Mag-Lock
US Palm AK Grip
Custom Rhineland SVD Handguard
Custom PSL Gas Tube
Custom 20" Heavy Profile Barrel
FSE Alum. Fixed Stock with AK74 Grenadier Buttpad
2 Fitted and 1 non Fitted PSL Mag
RS Regulate 310 Mount with AKR Rail
Vortex Diamondback HP 2-8 Scope with Vortex Rings
Duracoated HK Black
580 Rounds of 7.62x54r With Spam Can Opener
Rifle Case