Noveske Gen 3 matched billet set and lightest AR on the market.

almost 2 years ago
Invest Arms
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Im selling these 2 AR's because I am trying to finish up a 72 Chevy pick up build and I need the money. Not in a hurry to sell them, they are just sitting in my safe so I am getting rid of them.
That being said the ONLY trades I would even think about are.....
-Ruger precision rifle in 6.5
-Vortex razor HD Gen 2 4.5-27x in MRAD
-Ruger 10/22 take down (you would be adding considerable $$)
1) Noveske Gen 3 matched upper and lower billet set. This thing is super nice and haven't touched it, been sitting in bubble wrap in a safe. $1000
2) The lightest AR out there!!! #4.07 !!!!!! This thing is CRAZY light and tuned to perfection.
It has a 14.5" Faxon barrel with a standard A2 style flash hider. I will also include a 3 port comp also.
When I built the rifle I bought 2 barrels and welded the flash hider on this one so it would be 16" overall.
When you purchase the rifle I will give you the option of taking it with the welded A2 (as pictured) or welded comp. The other option is I can sell you the lower and give you the upper for free. The upper will include the comp but not be welded.
-Custom 3 port comp from a builder on snipers hide
-Faxon 14.5" barrel
-Whiskey Arms Al BCG (lightest on the market)
-Superlative Arms adjustable gas block
-Daniel Defense bolt
-AP customs 13" carbon fiber handguard (they don't make these anymore and
they are the lightest on the market)
-Battle Arms 45 deg safety
-Magpul K2 grip
-Smoke composites fixed stock
-Taccom lightweight buffer system
-Strike industries ejection port cover
-Mag tac lower
#4.07 total weight and it is actually comfortable to shoot. This is not a lightweight build that was thrown together. People on the internet make those light weight builds with 6" handguards, 6" barrels with welded barrel extension and cut to hell with a Dremel not functional.
This build has all the right components, fully tuned and most of all functional. With a full-length barrel you get better velocity, with a full-length handguard it is actually comfortable for your off hand and it has a full-length stock so you are in a natural shooting position.
Post on here Ill take it then PM me if interested.