VEPR 54R square back with tactical mods, needs barrel

about 3 years ago
VEPR 54R square back with tactical mods, needs barrel
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orange county

16.5" version 2 square back
orange county
$1, because it needs a barrel we can discuss the price
[b]Will ship (Y/N): yes, on your cost
What actually happened and why it needs a barrel:
The rifle had feeding problems only with 10 rounds aftermarket magazines so me and a friend of mine had the GREAT idea to grind in the bottom of the barrel to create a feeding ramp .
The rifle is still functional and I shoot it but I definitely recommend the barrel to be replaced. I got a quote for the barrel and is $306+ shipping from
McGowen Precision Barrels what includes the chambering, contour based on the blue print and nitride, process that makes the rifle even more accurate and corrosion resistance.
This is my second vepr and the only one left (I had 2), I was going to get it fix but lost interest and have different project going on.
I purchase this rifle NEW and I am the only owner.
Here are some details what is equipped with, all parts purchased brand new also:
I decide to sell my Vepr rifle generation 2 with square back, integrated sights, chambered in 762x54r made by Molot in Russia
I purchase the rifle new and then was taken a part and modified in tactical stile with top quality accessories, I never had in mind that I will sell this rifle to be honest.
Mods made: I will start from the front of the rifle
(1) pws fsc47 flash suppressing compensator- then gunsmith to remove the permanent cap to access the treats- factory Thread Pitch: 14x1 LH
Link to see what this difference this device dose:
(2) Carolina forearm "vented slots" model - CSS-RIFLE-AR-SLOTS
Link :
(3) aluminum quad rail installed on forearm for accessories
(4) fab defense ergonomic pointing grip with internal storage
(5) magpul sling mount on the forearm
(6)Command Arms AK47 Interchangeable Pistol Grip with Finger Groove UPG47 with internal storage
(7) QD mount on the receiver for 2&1 Magpul MS3 sling
(8) Magpul MS3 MAG515-BLK Single QD Gen2 Sling System Black
(9) FAB Defense FAB DEFENSE: GL Shock Absorbing Butt Stock model- GL-SHOCK CP
Link to see the product :
(10) FAB Defense Recoil Reducing AK-74 Buffer-Tube model : SBT-K47
Link to see the product :
(11) Comes with 2 mags 5 rounds and 2 mags 10 rounds
(12) Tapco G2 trigger group installed and improved with extremely short reset and also very short trigger pull.
I don't even want to think about how much I spent on the rifle and the accessories
The scope and the midwest industries mount not included.
Please use PM if interested in the rifle.
Pictures below are of the actual rifle and not used more then 60 rounds, believe it or not