JP-15 MRR new in box, Saiga 132 New in Box, Sacramento - WILL SHIP

about 3 years ago
JP-15 MRR new in box, Saiga 132 New in Box, Sacramento - WILL SHIP
Iver Johnson
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Cal Guns
(city or county): Sacramento, CA

Make: JP Rifles
Model: JP-15 Match Ready Rifle
Caliber: 223 wylde (5.56 or .223)
Location (city or county): Sacramento, CA
Price: $2100
Will ship (Y/N):
Other info: This is a new in box JP Rifles JP-15 MRR.
This is as good as it gets for factory 3-gun rifles.
Comes new in box with all accessories from JP. You will not be disappointed with this rifle!!!!
Build Summary
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JP-15™ Rifle Base Price: $1999
Upper Receiver: JP-15 Upper Receiver
Forged 7075-T6 aluminum top charge upper receiver $0
Lower Receiver: JP-15 Lower Receiver
Forged 7075-T6 aluminum lower receiver $0
Receiver Finish: Matte Black Receiver Color
Matte black anodized receiver set and hand guard. $0
Caliber: Caliber: .223/5.56 NATO $0
Barrel: 18" .223/5.56 NATO JP Supermatch™ cryogenically treated stainless steel barrel 18" length ● 1:8 twist ● medium contour $0
Barrel/Comp Finish: Black Teflon
Black Teflon on barrel and muzzle treatment to give matte black finish $50
Muzzle Treatment: JPTRE-412
JP Standard-Profile Compensator 1" x 2.25" .281 Exit Matte Black $0
Muzzle Device Attachment: Blended attachment
The muzzle treatment is attached to the barrel via thread, timed and blended for seamless transition. No welding or pinning is used. $0
Hand Guard: JPHG3-6M
JP MK III Hand Guard - Signature Tube
Extra Long (15.5” OAL) for AR-15/M16-type rifle Requires minimized gas block $15
Gas System: JPGS-8
JP Adjustable Gas System Low profile .936" bore Black Aluminum $0
Buttstock: ACE-ARFX stock, black
ACE-ARFX stock, black $40
Operating System: JPBC-3
JP Low Mass Stainless Carrier with JP EnhancedBolt™ $0
Operating Spring: JP Custom Polished Spring and JP low mass buffer
Custom center-less ground and polished operating spring and JP low mass buffer $30
Trigger Style: Standard JP Trigger $0
Trigger Weight: Competition/Recreation Trigger
JP Trigger Group with 3 - 3.5 lb. pull $0
Mag Catch Options: Bullet button and 10-round magazine $22
Grip: Hogue grip, Black $0
Lasermarking: Base JP Logo Basic JP logo lasermark $0
Accessory Kit: Standard Small Frame Rifle Accessory Pack
GasGunBasics DVD FP-10
Johnson safety block Rifle manual
Rydol JB bore compound
Cable lock JP hat
Ear plugs Magazine
Chamber brush Custom collector grade box with high-density foam insert $0
Packaging: JP Rifle Box
JP designer rifle box with custom-cut foam insert $0
Total price of your build: $2156
+ tax
= $2,328.48