1860 Colt replica

over 1 year ago
Japanese Government
Available on
Northwest Firearms

I have an older 1860 Colt replica for sale (My Daughter has no interest in it)
Its a CVA import made by Armi San Marco
.44 Caliber BLACK POWDER
Wedge screw is broken,as seen in pic #3.Still screws in and out,but causes the wedge to be loose.Needs to be replaced before firing.
Rifling is good.
Overall condition is pretty good,but it does have some wear and tear (character? Patina?)
See pics for a better description than I can give-I know little about these..
Comes with 2 extra cylinders (LOADED)
And a repro powder flask
Asking $225 cash,but I will trade for US Military rifle parts or ammo (Krag,Garand,1903,etc)
No Government interloping required.