Mid-1980s Jennings J-22

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 Mid-1980s Jennings J-22
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Here's a mid-1980s Jennings J22 semi-automatic 6-round pistol. Original owner. Approx. 250 rounds through it through the years (50 of them earlier today). Very minimal bluing wear on the edges from riding in glove boxes and coat pockets. Includes 2 magazines.
Non-adjustable sights, but you can hit small potatoes fairly consistently at 7 yards with a center hold. I don't think you could ask for much more from such a diminutive handgun.
Of course do your research, but the general consensus on these is that if you run quality ammo, keep 'em slightly wet, and don't limpwrist them, they'll run pretty good. I've found this to be true in this pistol's case. It hates Wally World Federal bulk and will stovepipe once, sometimes twice, each magazine (of course the same thing happens with that junk too with my Ruger 10-22). Use decent stuff like Mini-Mag or Stinger though, and as long as you do your part, you will have reliable service magazine after magazine.
It was popular to remove the safety switch in the 80s and this one is no exception...its gone. It was a pretty useless safety anyway; I never missed it. It does have a cocked striker indication though.
$95 FTF Scappoose or Hillsboro near Cornelius Pass.
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