Remington 742 Carbine, 30-06

over 3 years ago
Remington 742 Carbine, 30-06
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Got this in a trade, but don't really have any use for it.
Here's what I know about it:
It's a Remington 742 semi-automatic 30-06, carbine version with an 18" barrel.
It has see thru scope rings, and comes with one magazine.
I put 10 rounds of assorted '06 I had laying around though it, and it fed, fired and ejected as it should.
Also, the shorter barrel makes for a nice handling, well balanced gun.
It's certainly accurate enough for what it is.
Minute of paper plate at 100 paces, unsupported with iron sights.
And I'm no rifleman.
It's spent many, many days in the woods. Bluing is gone or going in many places.
Stock and forend have many ding, dents and chips.
The front sight has a chunk taken out of it.
The rear sling stud needs replaced. It's an ugly, but functional game harvesting tool.
Price is $250 cash, or trade.
This price takes into account the condition of the finishes, so it's not a starting point to try to dicker because it's ugly.
I like to haggle as much as the next man, but I won't knock $100 off the price because you were expecting a safe queen...
As far as trades go, I'm open to most things not made by Jennings, Jimenez, hi-point and their ilk.
I do have some cash in the "fun" fund to trade up a bit.
Also, I need a new chainsaw.
However, I don't need a laptop, Persian rug, tiki bar, or web design.
Transaction will be face to face, in the Salem-Woodburn area.
Only Oregon residents who are legal to own need apply.
No checks, no PayPal, no shipping, no shenanigans.