Daniel Defense MFR 12"

about 2 years ago
Daniel Defense MFR 12"
Jing An
Available on
Northwest Firearms

Hey All
I'm looking to sell or trade this like new 12" DD mfr 12" rail, it comes with 3 rail sections, mounting hardware.
Cash price 100.00
Nice nickel boron bcg or such
Magpul PRO backup sights
An equal value 556 muzzle brake that I can pin to a 14.5, I'm not set on what I want yet, with the exception of not wanting a $10 A2 birdcage
Something else AR related that you think I can live without, hit me up
As always I'm NOT looking for ford pinto axle bearings, used vacuums, or a 3 barrel carbs off a 1986 l car