Jacksonville Jaguar AR parts

over 2 years ago
Jacksonville Jaguar AR parts
Jing An
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Northwest Firearms

I know, it`s a shame to send something so beautiful away. But such is life.
I took advantage of the neutral lighting today to show the colors on this as close as they are to reality. A lot of you probably recognize this as the defining feature of my AR, but I`m wanting to go in a different direction with it. That`s why I`m putting almost everything on it on the block. That includes:
MOE stock ($40 new )
MOE Handguard ($20 new)
MOE Grip ($20 new)
Magpul RVG ($20 new)
An M-lok 5-slot rail section ($20 new)
A MOE 5-slot rail section ($6 new)
I got these prices from Magpul`s website and rounded up or down. I`m perfectly aware the shade isn`t quite what most here really like, and I understand that. It might make a great donor set to experiment with different colors on your own stuff? Pictures don`t lie, there is some wear on the buttstock and some black staining inside the handguard. I`m looking to trade the all of it for a B5 SOPMOD or Bravo stock, A Magpul ACS-L or a similar stock. I`m just wanting something with less wobble than the MOE. Altogether this equals $126, I think $75 is fair. I will ship on the taker`s dime.