Brick of Super-X 22LR + 2 Cheap Revolvers

over 2 years ago
Brick of Super-X 22LR + 2 Cheap Revolvers
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Northwest Firearms

Selling the last of an estate.
Here we have a Harrington & Richardson 929 9-shot swing out revolver.
It appears to be unfired. Finish is 100%. No turn line or wear.
That's the good part. The action jams up erratically.
Maybe it's broke, maybe it just needs lubrication. I don't know, you can figure this one out.
The really good part is the full brick of old Western Super-X that comes with it:
Next up is an old Iver Johnson Cadet 38 S&W revolver.
This one works. If it was ever fired, it wasn't much.
And a full box if it's ammo:
Let's move these out, so it's $125.00 for everything.
If we meet at American Outdoors in Dallas, I will pay the transfer fees.
Or, we can meet at your favorite FFL in the Salem area and you pay the transfer fees.
First "I'll take it" reply here followed up with a conversation message gets the lot.
Thanks for looking.