Busse Combat SAR 3 LE, User, With 2 Sheaths

over 3 years ago

					Busse Combat SAR 3 LE, User, With 2 Sheaths
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Southernish Indiana Posts 3,039

Well for the moment it's knife in-knife out and I have to let go of my SAR 3 LE user, #400.
Comes with a kydex and leather pouch sheath, edge is shaving shard and convexed by me on sandpaper. The LEs were known for being a little thicker than usual, and I might have thinned the edge a bit using a Wicked Edge then convexed it, I can't remember anymore.
Blade shows marks and rubs in finish and the jibling has been sharpened a bit (by me) so it could throw firesteel better, blade does have a sandpaper polishing mark on the right side of the jibling from my sharpening.
Handy stout little knife, great for a sturdy small survival knife
Located in Brown County but can meet in Johnson 5-6 days a week. Can meet anywhere from Nashville to the south side of Indy.
Price: $250 FTF
If you have any questions please ask.
Thanks for looking