Two 8mm Mausers & Ammo

over 4 years ago
Two 8mm Mausers & Ammo
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WHO: Jon, that's me. :-)
WHERE: Southside Indy / Johnson County Area
CONTACT: PM or Email please
WHAT: See below
Well, Ive given up on all my 8mm projects. Time to start thinning out my calibers in the safe.
Up for grabs are two 8mm Turkish Mausers.
The first one I started on with a local Indiana gunsmith to have the headspace set and the barrel & action brought into the white. It has a stamp on the bolt to indicate it is a Turk Mauser from 1940.
The barrel and action are ready for bluing, but currently have oil on them. There are NO sights on this rifle. It sits in a beautiful German (B+ / 89%+) grade stock with the original German brass round disk (date stamp?) on the butt stock. It comes with the front and rear sights, although they are removed. Currently, the safety does not disengage. Trigger does not cycle the firing pin. Asking $
for this one due to the good condition of the over all parts (although some pitting is evident on the barrel) and the gunsmith work already performed on her. Bore is a little dark, but the rifling is strong and free of pits. Comes with 40 rounds of brass cased ammo on stripper clips.
The second Mauser was imported by CAI. When, I do not know. I have never fired this rifle, although the bolt is still in in the blue as is the barrel. Overall I give the rifle a 75-80%. The action is smooth and the trigger & safety work as they should. Bore is a little dark, but the rifling is strong and free of pits. Asking $
for this one due to the fact the action and every thing works 100% they way it should. Comes with 40 rounds of brass cased ammo on stripper clips.
Last is a Boyd's custom laminate stock that I had built for these projects. I know its a green color and something else after you apply coating / gloss over it. Its been so many years ago I couldn't even begin to tell you what EXACT color it is. But I know I paid around $200 + shipping for this thing.
Asking $
for this. Brand new in box.
Face to face in Johnson County. Prefer not to ship as it's a major hassle. Will drive for the right deal. Please have LTCH or LEO badge.
EDIT: For those of you that asked, I will sell the 8mm too, AFTER THE RIFLES HAVE SOLD. I have approx 400 rounds of the stuff. I have no pictures of the ammo at this time. $.45 a round. It's military. Pretty sure its Turk Military corrosive.

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