WTS: ENTIRE WW2 COLLECTION 41' Johnson, BAR, M3A1, M53, K43, 1927A1, Garands (19GUNS)

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WTS: ENTIRE WW2 COLLECTION 41' Johnson, BAR, M3A1, M53, K43, 1927A1, Garands (19GUNS)
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I have come to the point in my life where I need to be completely secure financially in the near future and I have decided to sell the majority of my collection. I am halfway through Law School and I cannot bury myself in debt and put myself in an unmarketable position, therefore I here I am in the marketplace.
Here is a quick peek at everything in the thread:
1) 1941 Johnson
2) 1918 A3 BAR (Semi Auto CA legal model produced by Ohio Ordinance Works)
3) M53 (This is a semi-auto MG42 reproduction by Wise Lite, modified by Henderson Defense to be CA compliant)
4) M3A1 Grease Gun (Semi Auto, CA legal model produced by Valkyrie Arms)
5) M1927 Thompson (Semi Auto, CA legal model produced by Auto Ordinance)
6) K43
7) SVT-40
8) M1 Garand - Winchester
9) M1 Garand - Harrington and Richardson
10) M1 Garand ? Springfield
11) M1 Carbine ? Rockola
12) 1903 ? Springfield
13) K98
14) K31
15) Lee Enfield
16) M1911 ? Remington Rand (Original)
17) P08 (Luger)
18) C96 (Broomhandle Mauser)
19) Type 14 (Nambu)
Sales are on a first come, first serve basis. I will update this thread once items are SPF or Sold. If the item isn?t marked SPF or SOLD, assume it?s still for sale.
The only trades I would be interested in would be an M1A Scout, 700P, AR lowers, ammo (target ammo only) in .223 .40 9mm, certified gold, silver (either rounds or coins).
All firearms listed within this thread are Federal and CA compliant and all magazines that may be included are 10 round mags unless otherwise stated to be rebuilt parts.
C&R rifles can be sold face to face but I do require a copy of your CA DL to enter into my 03 FFL log book. I also have buyers sign a statement acknowledging that they are not a prohibited person and all guns are sold as is. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not buy.
All pistols and all non-C&R rifles must go through an FFL. Please make sure your FFL is able and comfortable with a perspective transfer.
I am currently in Modesto until 1/7 and will be in Sacramento after that. I often bounce back and forth between the two cities. I would be willing to travel a reasonable distance on most firearms. For those interested in the more expensive ones, I may be willing to travel down into the LA area. Preference will be given to those who are closest to the Sacramento/Modesto area for obvious reasons.
Additional pictures are available upon request. I will try my best to represent the firearms to the best of my knowledge. If you have any specific question, feel free to ask.
Make: Johnson
Model: 1941
Caliber: 30-06
Price: $6,500
Other info: This rifle is about as good as it gets. This was my ?grail gun? that took years to track down. I bought it from Randy Bessler (owner of collector firearms in Nevada) at the Big Reno Gun Show and he informed me it was a safe queen that he had acquired from an estate. This is an all original B-series Johnson with the original park being 97%+. This barrel is PRISTINE! I seriously wonder if the rifle had ever been shot because the lands and groves are sharp and clean. I myself never shot the gun for fear of ruining an expensive piece. Original bayo lug is still present and the receiver is unmolested (not tapped or drilled). The stock is original but there are 4 small holes on the left side of the stock. Someone pointed out to me that they were the size of where a placard may have sat, as it may have been a museum piece at one time. I feel confident in saying this Johnson is among the top 10% in condition among the remaining Johnsons I?ve seen on the market.
More pictures available upon request. This is a rifle you need to see in person to believe how nice it is.

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