SIG SSG 3000 w scope, Livermore, prefer FTF

over 1 year ago
JP Sauer
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): Livermore

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[Sig Sauer, SIG, SSG, SSG3000, Patrol Bolt action rifle, sniper rifle]
Sig Sauer
SSG 3000
7.62x51 .308
Location (city or county):
2000 (including scope)
Will ship (Y/N):
prefer FTF
Other info:
includes Rifle, Scope, 1 mag, original case and cleaning kit from Sig.
Cal gunner I bought it from had very few rounds through it, I forget how many he said, 50-100 or something like that. I only put one box of 20 through it. Which is why I'm selling it. I just don't shoot it as my local range only goes out to 100yd and I would rather it go to a good home and I get an acog for my scar. It shoots great, action is like butter and trigger breaks like glass. When I sighted it in, all holes were touching.
*first one NOT my pic. I'm no photographer but this is a good pic of the exact rifle with different glass.
These are my pics, as you can see, crappy cell phone camera.