Smith Ent M14 NM, SA M1a, K43 ac45, K98 CE43

over 5 years ago
FS: Smith Ent M14 NM, SA M1a, K43 ac45, K98 CE43
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Make: Springfield Armory
Model: US RIFLE M1A National Match
Caliber: 308
Location (Sacramento)
Price: $3000
Will ship (Y/N): Yes
Other info: S/N 85XXX, National Match 1996, glass bedded, All GI parts, Douglas Match 1/10 barrel, Smith Enterprise muzzle brake,SEI scope mount, scope not included. Gun is in excellent shape. USGI 20 rd rebuild kit
Make: Smith Ent(erprise)
Model: 7.62 mm M14
Caliber: 7.62/308
Price: $5000
Will ship (Y/N): Yes
Other Smith Enterprise M14 National Match Mesa AZ mfg forged marked rear lugged receiver, McMillan Camo oversized stock, TRW parts, 1/10 Kreiger barrel, safe queen, all national match features and upgrades. S/N 00229X This NM M14 is in eccellant condition. Includes NM prepped flashider. 20 rd USGI rebuild kit
Make: Walther
Model: K43 ac45
Caliber: 8mm Mauser
Location (Sacramento)
Price: $3500
[b]Will ship (Y/N): Yes
Other info: Matching number K43 with duffel cut stock, have Chech scope and mount. Will sell plus additional mags and spare bolt to purchaser.
[b]Make: JP Sauer & Sonn
[b]Model: k98 CE 43
[b]Caliber: 8mm Mauser
[b]Location (Sacramento)
[b]Price: $1500
[b]Will ship (Y/N): Yes
[b]Other info: Not russian, no import marks, real K98 CE43 all matching numbered K98 (safety unmarked). No front sight hood or cleaning rod. This riflw is in very good condition and has sling and muzzle cap.
PM me with any questions offers. Will trade for high end handguns, left hand rifles, etc