Kahr CW380 with rubber grip and ammo

almost 2 years ago
Kahr CW380 with rubber grip and ammo
Erik PDX
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Northwest Firearms

I have a great condition Kahr CW380 that I'd like to sell or trade. It comes with a wrap around rubber grip that makes it quite comfortable to shoot. Includes the box and an Uncle Mike's IWB holster.
The gun has been 100% reliable. I've followed the break in procedure of 200 rounds, and shot an extra 100 rounds through it with 0 malfunctions. I would trust it enough to be a carry gun, but I don't carry it, so it's got to go!
My cash price is $290 and includes 50 rounds of practice ammo and whatever little SD ammo I can find laying around.
If you're interested in trading something nice for an AR, I have one for trade that could include the Kahr right here.