SA-85m Hungarian AK47 - SF Bay Area

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SA-85m Hungarian AK47 - SF Bay Area
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Make: AK47
Model: SA-85m Hungarian AK47 in 7.62x39 mm made by FEG and imported by KBI imports.
Caliber: 7.62X39
Price: $900 or trade,
Will ship (N):
[b]Other info: Got this in a trade, just not an ak guy. Don't know round count, I think it is from the mid 90's.
Hungarian SA85M
The SA-85M is a Post Ban Sporterized AK-47, & is probably the highest quality stamped AK-47 variant available today. Unlike most AK's the SA-85M has an attractive look with the reliability of an AK. It has a black mil-spec finish, blond hardwood stock. It is stamped and has Post U-Notch sights, unfortunately it dose not have windage adjustments. The SA-85M fires the 7.62x39 Russian Round and accepts all AK mags The SA-85M is manufactured by KBI Inc and is still available in the US today however they are now BANNED and can no longer be imported in to the country. purchased one of these great AK?s before they were banned and to this day it still amazes us with its good looks, sturdy composition and great groups.
Comes with 1 X 10 round polymer PRO MAG. (have rebuilds and ammo for sale if your interested.)
PPT at City Arms East in Pleasant Hill "FEATURELESS" TRANSFER. (no bullet button, plugged thumb hole. Plug is temporary, just for the transfer, just unscrew and remove and do your own build however you want it.)
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