Yugo M59, Los Angeles by Pasadena, No Ship

about 4 years ago
Yugo M59, Los Angeles by Pasadena, No Ship
Rambo, John J.
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Make: Zastava, Yugoslavian, KBI is the importer
Model: M59, NOT M59/66 or M59/66A1
Caliber: 7.62x39
Location (city or county): Los Angeles near Pasadena
Price: $420, buyer pays transfer fees
Will ship (Y/N): No. FTF so you can visually inspect for yourself to see what you are getting before paying.
Other info:
This one appears to be in an overall nice condition with most of the bluing intact. The wood stock has a nice tiger stripe pattern to it on one side. See the photos.
This is an M59 and NOT the M59/66 or M59/66A1. There?s no neutered grenade launcher replaced with a welded muzzle brake on this one as it originally comes without the ?nade launcher. You won?t have to worry about gas leaks on this one.
I bought this at Turner?s and have never fired it but it?s military surplus. It?s still in a light coat of cosmoline from when I bought it. However, I did partially punch the bore recently to check out the rifling. The rifling still looks sharp (see photos). You will still have to thoroughly clean out the bore of all of the cosmoline though before firing. You?ll also have to make sure to diligently clean the firing pin, firing pin channel, and the bolt of the cosmoline for safety reasons of slam firing and you may want to consider installing an aftermarket firing pin spring.
There?s a portion of the barrel underneath the handguards that may or not have rust. It may be cosmoline residue or???. It?s discolored and it didn?t come off when I wiped it with a gloved hand. It wasn?t pitted though like rust. Please see the close-up photos that I took so you see what I am talking about.
The bore is NOT chrome-lined and I don?t believe any Yugos are.
From internet research of the serial #, the receiver appears to have been manufactured in 1964. This appears to be a Zastava factory refurb. The serial #s on ALL of the parts, as opposed to part #s, do not match so this is non-matching. The receiver serial # matches the serial # on the wood stock, which I have blocked out. The serial # on the, bolt, bolt carrier, and receiver cover match. Underneath the barrel and the receiver where they mate up a # matches but I think that it?s an inspection #?
Why am I selling? I kinda hate selling this baby as I admire its simplicity, ruggedness, and ultra-reliability. This is apparent when you take it apart. However, I want to buy several SSE pistols and need the $. It?s horse trading.
First bidder that posts ?I?ll take it? on the public thread and followed by a private message with contact info is the winner. 2nd and 3rd bidders are welcome as the 1st bidder sometimes changes his mind. I go to sleep at 9:30 pm so I won?t check for postings or PM?s after that.
Looking for local buyer for a FTF transfer at Turner?s Pasadena or a reasonable meet-up distance from there. I?ll travel as far south to Ammo Brothers in Cerritos, east to Alamo Pawn in West Covina, west to West LA somewhere, and north to the San Fernando Valley. Prefer transfer on the weekend, preferably Saturday. If it?s a Sunday, it will have to be Sunday afternoon after 2pm. If it?s a weekday, the transfer will have to be at Turner?s Pasadena in the early evening.
Not looking for FFL03 COE transaction at this time.
Thanks for viewing my sale ad.
See the pretty tiger striping at the buttstock end. The trigger guard does attach but it's off because I took photos of individual parts.
Here's the weird discoloring on the barrel
Here's a photo of the barrel rifling taken in "infinite" mode of the camera.
Here's that photo of the barrel rifling taken in "infinite" mode of the camera and zoomed in by software.