Kel Tec Sub 2000 Disaster Response Kit

over 4 years ago
Kel Tec Sub 2000 Disaster Response Kit
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Make: Kel-Tec
Model: Sub 2000 for Beretta, Sig or Smith & Wesson mags (has mag releases for all three)
Caliber:40 S&W
Location: San Luis Obispo Will be traveling to Oakland and Stockton on either 25th or 26th. Can meet there or in Salinas.
Price: $775
Will ship (Y/N):
Shootin' stuff is fun. Shootin' stuff with something cool is
This is fun. And nearly impossible to get in California.
Ready for when zombies come a knockin'? You will be with this California-legal Sub 2000 kit.
I fired about 500 rounds down the pipe with no problems. It eats everything.
This version shoots 40 S&W, which packs a real punch coming out of a 16" barrel. It is setup to take Sig P226 mags (two factory Italian mags included), but I have the magazine catches for Smith&Wesson (not sure of the model numbers) and Beretta 96 mags. If you want, I'll change the catch for you prior to sale.
You get:
1) One Sub 2K with bullet button and stock extension installed (both needed to be California-legal). It also has a custom rubber buffer installed that allows the bolt to lock open.
2) One Zero Halliburton aluminum locking case (the real deal). The bottom portion has been cut to accept the Sub2000 and two mags. The rest is left to you to customize. If you're going to build a time machine with style: DeLorean. Zombie Response Kit: Halliburton Zero.
3) Lots of hazmat paraphernalia. When you open this case at the range, watch peoples' heads turn! The hazmat stuff lifts-off to reveal the goodies below.
4) Two 10 round factory Sig p226 mags.
5) A custom A4 carbine stock. I made this modification and it gives you an insane amount of LOP (I'm a big guy). I put it back to stock for sale, but this can be attached in about 5 minutes. Lots of fun.
6) Mag catches for Sig, Beretta and S&W
7) Custom rubber buffer installed (stock one included)
8) Sight adjustment tool and Kel Tec locking key (very cool)
9) Custom "bolt reset dowl"...if you ever pull the trigger with the bolt out, this little guy will save your rear.
10) Original manual.
11) A second case to carry the boring stuff.
I want $775 for this, but will take any of the following to knock-down the price:
1) Magpul FDE rifle-length handguard
2) Exile Machine Hammerhead grip in FDE
3) LPK
4) 22lr (hey, someone has to have some)
5) Grips or mags for S&W 3913 series pistol