Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special...

about 3 years ago
Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special...
Khan Shotguns
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Federal Way WA

Not sure what I want in the problem....
500 rounds tops through it with all the original pieces and grips.
This is a safe queen that I rarely shoot.
Last 4 of the serial are etched in every piece and the gun is tight!
Ha night sites dated 2012 so the build date is sometime that year.
The grips on the gun are black walnut and will come with the gun if I accept a reasonable offer.
The 1st 2 pics are sharper but don't show the grain in the grips, the 2nd 2 pics aren't sharp except for the grain in the grips.
Now, I know what I don't want...
No .22's
No Shotguns (I have 2)
No Plastic guns, sorry not my thing
No lever actions (I already have and Winchester with a 26" octagonal barrel)
No AR15's (I have a Daniel Defense and an AR pistol)
Trade value?
Heck I don't know except a new one is $2290 + tax and ya gotta wait almost a year without the black walnut grips.
Watcha got?