Saiga 12 IZHMASH

about 3 years ago
Saiga 12 IZHMASH
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Northwest Firearms
Tillamook Oregon

SAIGA 12, IZHMASH, made in Russia , 3= stocks , a new Slide Fire stock awesome! Tapco 6 position stock, factory stock not in pic. Has 2 hand guards= Tapco with rails and factory one not in pic, Has a vertical adjustable hand grip with battery storage, choke is a POLY-CHOKE deluxe adjustable, MD ARMS 20 round drum, 3= Promag 10 rounder, 2= AGP 10 rounder mags, 1= Surefire 12 rounder mag. Has side mount bracket on receiver for optics . $ 1800.00/obo/trades. only looking for part trades need some cash to fund a 69 Mach 1 project, I am interested in but not limited to, Other AK, AR15, FAL, PTR91, RPK , PSL, Desert Eagle .50 blue only, S&W 44mag & 500mag, 357mags, Kimbers
Colts springfields 1911 45 acp, HK 45acp, Browning Hi power Bel Kimber 9mm, SIG 9mm let me know what you got or just cold hard cash.
Thank you