Kimel AP-9

over 5 years ago
Kimel AP-9
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Yakima and N of Spokane

Here is a Kimel AP-9 which is similar to a Tec-9 but most consider these better.
I bought this gun about 15 years ago because a friend had one and I really liked shooting it.
Since I was young and poor I probably only put about 500 rounds though it.
I have not shot this in years so it is time move it out of the safe.
These are a ton of fun and cheep to shoot.
Gun comes with the box and owners manual
Eagle Industries HK MP-5k shoulder harness modified to work with this gun.
There is 1 factory 20rd mag and one factory 30rd mag (I can not remember if they are 30rd or 32rd)
There are 4 USA brand 30/32rd magazines.
These actually work great in this gun and I prefer them because of the smooth bases
To attach the tether from the harness to the gun I had to modify the back cap on the gun.
The cap had a nipple that indexed the back of the main tube into the lower receiver.
I ground down the nipple and tapped and threaded the cap to accept a sling stud.
The sling stud now indexes the lower receiver.
There were no modifications to the gun itself and if you wanted the cap can simply be replaced.
How about $750 OBO
Now for the fun parts. I work out of town. I will make any reasonable arrangements to meet up to make the deals. Spokane and Yakima are easiest for me. I can make arrangements to get them to the Seattle or Vancouver areas fairly easy. Depending on when deals/payments can be made it MAY take up to 2 weeks to finish the deal. If this is a problem then please don't try and make a deal with me.
If you have an questions please just ask.
Not interested in trades. Of course if you live out of WA it will have to go though an FFL.