LMT MWS 308win & 6.5cm, Daniel Defense M4, Rem 700 Barreled Action

almost 2 years ago
LMT MWS 308win & 6.5cm, Daniel Defense M4, Rem 700 Barreled Action
HK Dave
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Rowland Heights, CA

Hey folks!
Recently found out I'm having a baby, and given the fact that I won't be able to go shooting much anymore for a while, I've decided to sell a part of my collection... please forgive the poor iPhone photos.
All Transactions to be FTF. Prefer to PPT at ExaTactical in La Puente.
For your consideration...
1) LMT MWS with 16" 308win barrel & 6.5cm barrel $3400
-16" 308win barrel has approximately 30 rounds through it and shoots sub moa with match ammo.
-20" Stainless 6.5cm barrel has approximately 100 rounds through it and shoots between 1/2 and 3/4 moa with match ammo.
-Also included is the torque wrench that came with the gun and 1 - 10 round magazine.
-The stock is currently pinned.
Chosen by the British Ministry of Defense and made in conjunction with Knights Armament, this thing is a beauty. If you're looking, I probably don't have to sell you on the merits of this rifle system.
It's really easy to switch barrels. Just unlock the retaining bolts and slide the barrel out and switch to the other barrel then lock down the retaining bolts with the included torque wrench.