C&R San Jose: Rock Isl 1903 Sporter, Mauser 8mm, Kodiak 54cal double rifle

about 6 years ago
C&R San Jose: Rock Isl 1903 Sporter, Mauser 8mm, Kodiak 54cal double rifle
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Make: Portuguese, USA Rock Island, Pedersoli
Model: Vergueiro Mauser, Rock Island 1903, Kodiak 54 cal Double Rifle
Caliber: 8mm, 30-06, 54 cal
Location (city or county): Santa Clara County
Price: $250 225, $395 350 325, $750. Will offer discount for multiple purchases.
Will ship (Y/N): To 03 FFL, at Buyers cost. Muzzleloader can ship to anyone over 18.
Other info:
Trades: I will consider any interesting trade offer. I might consider trading the 8mm Mauser Verguiero and/or the Rock Island 1903. Interested in Browning HiPowers, Rolling Block 7mm in good condition, Nice 22LRs.
Porteguese Vergueiro 8mm: $250 225
Looks in nice condition, I have never shot it. I picked it up with some other guns I wanted.
Please PM me if interested. Please only post 'I'll take it' in this thread. I prefer to meet at Targetmasters Milpitas to do a transfer.
Rock Island (the original Rock Island, USA-made in 1909) 1903 Sporterized: Asking $395 325
This is a nicely done Sporter, with Lyman adjustable peep rear sight to give same sight picture as a 1903A3. Caliber is 30-06.
Smooth action, shiny bore with strong rifling, barrel dated 1909.
Pedersoli Kodiak 54 cal double rifle (muzzleloader, no FFL required in CA): $750
Also for sale, a very nice unfired (as far as I can see) Pedersoli Kodiak 54 cal double rifle. I traded for it a while back and never shot it, and the seller told me it was unfired and it appears so.
Looks like this:
From DGW's description:
"Authentically styled side by side double barreled rifle. Each barrel is rifled in .54 caliber with a twist rate of 1 turn in 24". The barrels are rifled with 7 lands and grooves with cut rifling with is .006" deep. European Walnut halfstock is finished with a satin type finish with checkering at the straight grip wrist and on the fore-end. Barrels are attached to the stock by a single barrel key. Engraved front action locks and hammers are left in the white. Triggerguards and breechplug tangs are color case hardened and sling swivels are present on the bottom of the buttstock and on the lower ramrod thimble. Double triggers. Barrel is mounted with a bead style front sight on a ramp and two folding adjustable rear sights. The weight is10 3/4 lbs. Made in Italy by Pedersoli."
With a pistol grip style stock:
Asking $750 shipped and insured to lower 48. AK and HI a little higher because this rifle is pretty heavy. No FFL required in CA since this is a black powder muzzleloader.
For C&R rifles, if you have an 03 FFL or established feedback here on Calguns, I can do a face-to-face transfer as these are over 50 years old. I will require a copy of your CADL information, a liability waiver, and a signed statement that you are over 21 and eligible to own firearms (not a felon or drug user, are mentally competent, no restraining orders or domestic violence convictions). The usual legalese.
Open to trades.
Thanks for looking.
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