SCAR 17 and 16s NEW IN BOX

almost 2 years ago
SCAR 17 and 16s NEW IN BOX
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SCAR 17 Black NIB
SCAR 16s FDE with geissele trigger NIB $3800
FN is way behind on civilian orders and we may or may not see more retail orders filled before 12/31. Truth is they trickle in and unless your timing is impeccable, well . . . I tried to price these under current CG offerings. I am most interested in building my Colt and watch collection back up but cash works too. I don't want to squabble over a few dollars. If you can get a better price, please do. I am not going to register all these so they will be going along with a few others. I am in no hurry to sell.
My preference is trades over cash sales. I'm interested in:
Rolex, Panerai, or Audemars newer model sports watches (cannot make trades on retail/gray market value on these items, trades need to be in my favor)
My greatest interest is in 2 1/2 barreled king cobras or pyhons in original factory packaging
Original packaging/boxed pythons in collector grade condition
factory 3" Pythons
2 or 3 digit serial number Pythons
Colt Boas
Snake Eyes Set
Serpentine Set
Silver Snake
Bank of Findlay set
Colt combat cobra
Colt Cobra CCL set
Custom Cobra set
King cobra Legacy
Anaconda Legacy
Lew Horton or Carol Wilkerson Pythons
Anaconda 1st Edition BSTS
I will also consider HK p30L or P30 V1 light LEM at retail value as a partial trade. No other guns or configuration of this gun.