.22 cal Air Rifles for sale Bay Area

about 1 year ago
Krag Rifles
Available on
Cal Guns
Hayward, California

I have a break barrel Gamo Hunter Extreme here. It fires pellets at 900 FPS. Great for pest control. Comes with a scope. The stock is very high quality wood and quite heavy. It's been used to take pests and target shooting. It has a few superficial dings and rust spots but the barrel is in great condition and everything is solid. Asking $150 OBO, I paid $350.
My second rifle is a Benjamin 392 multipump. This is also a .22 cal rifle that fires at 600 fps. This is a great training rifle for kids as well as a pest shooter. Everything is in great condition hasn't been shot even 100 times. Asking $100 OBO
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